The elusive hawfinch is renowned for its super-sized, super-strong bill. Discover more about the seed-splitting skills of this little bird.
Photo Masterclass part 20: Innovative wildlife photography spread
Trying out new methods and techniques allows you to step back from subject-led wildlife images and expand your photographic repertoire. The results created with flash photography, time-lapse and camera traps can be both fascinating and fun. 
Photo Masterclass part 19: Close-up photography spread
If you can get really close to your subject, you can enter a new world of wildlife photography. It’s a place of great beauty, seldom visited by most other people. But you need to draw on your imagination and all your artistic skills to create a vision from the detail. 
Photography masterclass part 18: Mammal behaviour photography spread
Though there are plenty of subjects to choose from, actually photographing mammals in action is a very exacting skill. Planning and patience are important, as is knowledge of your subject’s behaviour – sometimes you have to predict what it’s going to do next to capture the moment. 
Photography masterclass part 17: Bird behaviour spread
Watching the birdie is not as simple as it sounds. Solid fieldcraft, endless patience, lightning-fast reflexes and a deep understanding of your subjects’ lifestyles and habits are vital if you want to capture inspiring images of bird behaviour.
Photo Masterclass part 16: Zoo photography spread
The best way to photograph exotic animals – without the expense or carbon emissions of a trip abroad – is to visit a zoo. But just because the animals are captive doesn’t mean a great photo is guaranteed. You need to capture a sense of the animal’s wild character.  
Photo Masterclass part 15: urban wildlife photography spread
Many photographers assume that you have to travel into the ‘wilds’ to take great pictures of wildlife. Not true! There are lots of beautiful, unusual and often poignant opportunities on your doorstep – you just need to know how to make the most of them.
Photo Masterclass part 14: Black and white photography article spread
Strip away the colour and a well-composed photograph will often increase in power. The very best black and white photos have a pure graphic quality that oozes emotion and energy. This month, learn to think creatively and take photographs of wildlife that really tell a story.
Photo Masterclass part 13: Cold weather wildlife photography spread
Frost, ice and snow not only change the appearance of the world around us, but also the way animals behave. This offers great possibilities for taking unusual, beautifully lit photographs.   
Photo masterclass part 12: Wet weather wildlife spread
Don't assume that you need good weather to take good photos – sometimes the opposite is true. We reveal how stormy skies and pouring rain can be your friends, bringing intriguing light, mood and emotion to your images.  
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