Sperm whale carcass washed up on isle of Texel
Teams of international scientists and experts from around Europe have worked together to discover the cause.
Two of the four True's beaked whales spotted
A group of four True's beaked whales, a species only ever seen a handful of times, was spotted during a ferry trip. 
Bowhead whale surfacing
BBC Wildlife expert Stuart Blackman answers your wild question.
A narwhal surfacing for breath in the Arctic
Biologists have been given new insights into the behaviour of one of the world’s most mysterious whales. 
Mother-calf pair in Exmouth Gulf
Scientists have been listening to newborn humpback whales and their mothers.
Chris Lowe reaches down to cut the rope
Volunteers free tangled cetacean from fishing gear off Devon.    
Still from video footage
New video shows three True’s beaked whales in deep coastal waters off the Azores.
A humpback whale checks out Shetland naturalist Richard Shucksmith.
Two Shetland naturalists never expected this extraordinary discovery in November 2016. Amy-Jane Beer reports.
Dead Antarctic minke whale on Japanese ship
Photos allegedly show a Japanese vessel with a dead minke whale inside an Australian whale sanctuary.
Sperm whale with raised tail before diving into the ocean
Vocal dialects of sperm whales found around the Galápagos Islands have changed, according to new research. 
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