scarlet tanager
How do some birds get their exotic scarlet plumage?
Seal twins
RSPCA says that grey seal pups found on Norfolk beach were abandoned after their mother was disturbed by people.
Wall butterfly
Latest report reveals that 76 per cent of the UK’s butterfly species have declined over the last four decades. 
Green turtle
Tagged turtles in Cyprus end up in Egypt for the winter. 
Spotted salamander, Ambystoma maculatum
The latest scientific news reveals that stress affects spotted salamanders’ breeding.
Owl butterfly
New research confirms the theory that butterfly eyespots exploit a predator's fear of large eyes.
New research into orcas’ hunting behaviour provides a clue to the evolution of menopause.
The latest scientific news reveals that lemmings bark to warn of their bite. 
New research reveals that orangutans have a way of amplifying their alarm calls.
Hermann's tortoise
The latest scientific news explains the topsy-turvy world of tortoise competition. 
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