Moose in the Androscoggin River
BBC Two's Autumnwatch is spreading its wings and flying across the Pond to the USA. Series producer Chris Howard reveals some of the amazing species being featured.
Small elephant hawk-moth with greater butterfly orchid pollinia on its eyes
Research reveals that we have been underestimating the importance of moths as pollinators.
Researchers have been studying zebra stripes
Scientists have dispelled one of the theories explaining why zebras have stripy coats.
The endemic Turks and Caicos anole, Anolis Scriptus
Hurricanes Irma and Maria were devastating for the Caribbean, but presented an opportunity to study the effects of extreme weather on the evolutionary process. 
The public has been invited to report tawny owl calls this autumn and winter. 
The world’s second largest fish can achieve the same vertical speed as a great white shark when it breaches. 
Adult tansy beetle at WWT Welney
The tansy beetle was thought to exist at just two sites in the UK before this discovery was made.
Fire salamanders in one monitored population have declined by 99 per cent
Research shows that a lethal salamander-eating fungus is widespread in the European private amphibian trade.
Discover a range of wildlife travelling opportunities are the show
Be inspired by a range of amazing travel opportunities and meet the BBC Wildlife team at this new event.
New research points to a genetic reason for the fact that Javan lutung monkeys cannot taste sugar.
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