52 Wild Things to Do in spring; five things to do in one day

We've selected five of our favourite wild things to do this spring, from taking a safari in your own back garden to marvelling at diving gannets.

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Five really wild things to do this spring


Plant a nectar bar
Grow a ravishing border that will be loved by your neighbourhood insects, too. Butterfly Conservation recommends honesty, sweet rocket and wallflower for spring nectar supplies, and forget-me-nots, hebe and sedum (among many others) for summer and autumn. 


Gasp as gannets dive for fish
Like an arrow driven into your soul, a diving gannet will make you gasp as it hits the water at nearly 90kph. To find vast colonies of these feathered archers, travel to some of Britain’s remoter spots – Bass Rock in the Firth of Forth is the most accessible. 


Gaze up at urban peregrines
When you’re in town this spring or summer, always look up: there could be a peregrine perched on that cathedral gargoyle or high-rise ledge. Many cities have peregrine watchpoints, which often offer better views than in the wilds. 


Listen for screaming swifts
You invariably hear the first swifts of the year before you actually glimpse them. The sound of their ‘screaming parties’  is so redolent of the three months from May to July that it should be bottled and corked to remind us of the good times during the dark days of winter. 


Hunt for garden minibeasts
You don’t have to visit the Serengeti to go on safari – there’s a savannah in your back garden. In place of wildebeest, you’ve got woodlice; instead of hyenas, sexton beetles; and in lieu of lions, you’ll find wolf spiders. Buy a pooter for a few pounds to study them in more detail. 


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