Watch this Sumatran wildlife video

Local Patch Reporter Billy Clarke captured fantastic footage of Sumatran species while travelling in the summer. 

Northern Sumatran leaf monkey

“It was clear to me from the moment I arrived in Bukit Lawang on the outskirts of the famous Gunung Leuser National Park, Indonesia, how revered orangutans are by the local people. During my visit I was delighted to capture video footage of a female Sumatran orangutan and her baby when they came down from the canopy to feed, a monitor lizard, long-tailed macaques, a lar gibbon and a Northern Sumatran leaf monkey (above).” 

Watch Billy’s video of Sumatran wildlife. 

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BBC Wildlife wanted to find a new way to share some of our readers’ natural-history diaries with other wildlife enthusiasts, and Local Patch Reporters was born. 

Our 20 Local Patch Reporters for 2014 are aged from 10 to 64 and live from Dorset in the south to Shetland in the north.

Throughout this year they will be exploring and reporting on nature in their neighbourhood via online blogs.

Billy Clarke is a Local Patch Reporter from Buckinghamshire.

Billy's nature patch: Sydlings Copse and Bernwood Meadows

Billy's wildlife aims for 2014: See how foxes and badgers near my home interact with one another, capture footage of hares boxing and bioblitz a section of meadow in the summer.

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