Who is the heaviest mammal?

Who is the heaviest mammal?

Kitti’s hog-nosed bat Craseonycteris thonglongyai

Length 2.9-3.3cm Weight 2g

Found in western Thailand and south-east Burma, this super-light bat lives in caves in colonies of up to 500 and it heads out to feed on insects at dusk and dawn.


Wood mouse Apodemus sylvaticus

Length 15.2-19.8cm (including tail) Weight 13-27g

Found in Europe and North Africa, this mini-mammal weighs less than a packet of crisps. It’s usually nocturnal, feeding on seeds, insects, fruits, nuts and seedlings.


Red squirrel Sciurus vulgaris

Length 38-40cm (including tail) Weight 280-350g

Found throughout most of Europe and into northern Asia and Siberia, this bushy-tailed mammal weighs less than a can of fizzy drink and it feeds on pine seeds, flower buds, leaves and fruit, the occasional insects and birds’ eggs.


Side-striped jackal Canis adustus

Length 65-100cm Weight 8-15kg

Found in large swathes of Sub-Saharan Africa, this member of the canine family feeds mainly at night on small mammals, carrion and fruit.


Common wombat Vombatus ursinus

Length 1-1.2m Weight 27-35kg

This stocky, burrow-dwelling marsupial is found in mainland Australia and Tasmania. It has rodent-like teeth and very impressive looking claws. It lives in burrows and grazes on grass mainly at night.


Capybara Hydrochoeris hydrochaeris

Length 106-134cm Weight 35-66kg Height 50-62cm

The largest member of the rodent family lives in South America and feeds on grass and aquatic vegetation.


Human Homo sapiens

Height 1.75m Weight 76-83kg

We are the most widely dispersed mammal, found throughout the world, from polar regions to the tropics. Humans are largely omnivorous, eating everything from whale meat and witchetty grubs to Brussel sprouts and turkey twizzlers.


Polar bear Ursus maritimus

Length 2.4-2.6m Weight 400-600kg Height 1-1.5m

Only found in the Arctic territories of Canada, Greenland, Norway, Russia and the USA, the polar bear is an impressive predator that feeds almost exclusively on seals and (when it can) whale carcasses or other carrion.


Giraffe Giraffa camelopardalis

Height 5.3m (male) Weight Up to 1,900kg

Found in savannah and woodlands in sub-Saharan Africa this necky ungulate weighs more than a family estate car. It eats the leaves of acacia trees and other plants.


African elephant Loxodonta Africana

Length 6-7.5m (male) Weight 6,000kg Height 3.3m

The largest land mammal, found across sub-Saharan Africa. It is active during the day, feeding on grass, leaves, bark, roots and fruits. But the elephant doesn’t come close to the largest mammal of all.


An adult male blue whale weighs an average of 190,000kg!

Blue whales are the heaviest mammals on our planet © Michael Mike L. Baird/Getty


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